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Along narrow, winding hedge-lined roads is an arrowed circuit, 40 kilometers long, which leads you to the producers of "Pays d'Auge's A.O.C." ciders.
Look for the signs "Cru de Cambremer" and enter without hesitation. You will find yourself in a place rich with tradition, where authenticity and conviviality are key.

On this picturesque route you will visit the typical villages of :
Grandouet, Saint-Ouen-le-Pin, la-Roque-Baignard, Bonnebosq,
Druval, Beaufour, Beuvron-en-Auge, Victot-Pontfol

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Cambremer cider, a product resulting from a specific kind of soil.

When you drink a cider labeled "Cidre de Cambremer", you will taste a traditional, natural product, worthy of the name " AOC Pays d'Auge ". This cider is produced according to specific rigorous, ancestral methods. The "Cru de Cambremer" has a slightly bitter flavour which gives the cider its refreshing taste, while its colour and scent give it its strong personality.

cave  Grandouet

 One soil, Three Products:

- Cidre de Cambremer "Pays d'Auge"    
- Pommeau de Normandie
- Calvados "Pays d'Auge"

In farms marked "Cru de Cambremer", you can sample Cider, Pommeau and Calvados.
You can also  visit cellars and apple presses in certain locations.

About forty varieties of apples are cultivated. From the end of April through the end of May, the orchards are in full bloom. Harvest takes place from September to December, depending on the variety.

Crushing and pressing follow the harvest, followed by purification and clarification in oak barrels before the bottling process begins. 

Cider is a live product, extracted from a mixture of selected apples. Ciders labeled "Cidre de Cambremer" and "A.O.C. Pays d'Auge" are produced according to rigorous standards, the guarantee of a natural product.

A Norman aperitif composed of  cider must and Calvados. It is drunk chilled. You  will appreciate its full flavour and taste . It is smooth and its bitterness is typical of the "Cru de Cambremer". 

This delicious brandy still manufactured by some producers, is sometimes called the "summit" of that which can be obtained from an apple.

le Cru de Cambremer

The abuse of spirits is dangerous for your health. Should only be drunk in moderation.

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