Big free parking to accommodate 100 cars available free near the Gendarmerie. For the camping cars a draining area is provided.
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Information Office
rue Pasteur 14340 Cambremer
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le manoir du Champ-Versan
Champ-Versan' Manor
Quite a few routes have been designed and are well-marked with arrows to allow the full discovery of Cambremer and its canton.

These routes are easily accessible to pedestrians, horseback riders, cyclists and cars.

maison dans le bourg
A half-timbered house in the village
"Discovery Routes"

Every Wednesday afternoon in July and August, the Tourist Information Office organizes a sightseeing tour, leading visitors to manors, stud farms, as well as cider and "calvados" cellars.


manoir du Bais
 Bais Manor
Week-ends at the Cider Press

In October and November you can spend a week-end on a producer's cider press located on the cider route.

vache normande
Typical Regional Landscape
Old Fashioned Market, featuring local products

Church square, on Sunday mornings in July and August, Easter and Pentecostal.

(see also: the "Old-Fashioned Market" page)

le marché
Cambremer's Old-Fashioned Market
The Cider Route:

A well-marked tourist circuit via small picturesque roads.

route du cidre
Along the "Cider Route"
Created by Gilbert Guillotin, Photography by Gilbert Guillotin - copyright 1999/2002