The "Pays d'Auge" Gardens
and its Half-Timbered Houses

Located in Cambremer along the 
"Route des Parcs et Jardins"
in "Basse Normandie"

Nature lovers will enjoy walking in Armelle and Jacques Noppe's gardens, which were
designed by the landscape architect Chantal Lejard-Gasson around an old farm in the XVIIth century on an undulating 7-acre site.

You can stroll freely for about an hour and a half throughout their property,
amidst various species of plants and many typical, small half-timbered buildings.

A small house on their property

You can also visit the following:
the pool
the underwood
the shop
the rose garden
the green room
the ancient tools museum
the scented garden 
the moon garden 
the holly garden
the sun garden 
the water garden  

the simples' garden 
the angels' garden
the purple garden 
the devil's garden
acces map

access map

Open all year round from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays  
in July and August. Closed on 01/01, 12/06, 01/11, and 25/12

For Additional Information: Armelle Noppe 02 31 63 01 81

Created by Gilbert Guillotin, Photography by Gilbert Guillotin - copyright 1999/2002